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Many artists and influences, academic, psychological and social, continue to shape my art.


As a young man my studies of Commercial Art in South Africa led me to feel a need to study fine art. Wimbledon School of Art furthered my ambition, my understanding and appreciation of the art process. The History of Art at the Open University was followed by studying Art therapy at Goldsmiths University; my understanding and respect of the unconscious in Art became paramount.


South Africa continues to have an influence. I now work as a full time artist, teaching art from time to time. Van Gogh, Rauschenberg, Bomberg, Nash and Picasso among many, influence my vision. And to paraphrase Picasso, “I don’t seek; I find”.


Forever searching for my own voice is a kind of rediscovery, a building on the past: the notion of identity is lifelong. My aim is always to reassess what I see.  And sometimes my art is about infinity: like astronomy, you either see it all or you see nothing!


As soon as I establish an object in space, I give it an identity, dimensional form and shape etc., but it does set up ambiguities producing a mixture of viable interpretations.



“There is a dualism in Sydney Klugman's art. As a painter of figures and landscapes his subjects oscillate between the pictorial and the elusive; the surface of the canvas holds what is sought after and what is found. This visual flexibility extends until the dialogue between what is complete and what is finished is reached.

 His role as a professional art therapist is to some extent woven into aspects of his own work in terms of looking beyond the surfaces, cognisant of meaning, discovery, rediscovery and not least, surprise.” 

Clive Duncan FRBS RBA SPS 

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